narrative structures


"Narrative structures...are preoperative regardless of whether one is writing primarily in the narrative or logico-scientific mode."



"Scientists often resist recognizing that their writings are particular kinds of narratives and that their writing practices are value constituting. Rather, they can easily be 'duped' by their own writing practices, which suppresses how real people (the researchers) are ordering and constituting reality, because they draw upon logico-scientific code (Bruner, 1986), which represents itself as objective and true. But we should not be fooled. Science is narratively driven and depends upon literary devices not just for adornment but for cognitive meaning." (Richardson, 1990, p. 13; emphasis in original)


To facilitate increased communication with animate Earth, conventional narrative structures were deliberately disrupted in order to create spaces for listening beyond one's often overactive reliance on reasoned, conceptual knowing (see Bai, 2003, 2009).